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Skänken på Brösarps Gästis

The Restaurant at Brösarps Inn

We source our food from our neighbors! That is, the local farmers and breeders. Ducks, roosters, lambs, asparagus, fish, and much more. It can't get fresher, more tender, and healthier than this. And yes, wild boar is still on the menu...

Remember to always reserve a table if you want to dine with us. Our restaurant is often busy, so booking a table will help you avoid waiting.


The times below are the kitchen's operating hours; the restaurant remains open as long as we have guests.

JANUARY 1 - JUNE 25, 2023, and AUGUST 20 - DECEMBER 30, 2023
Monday-Thursday 12:00-20:30
Friday-Saturday 12:00-21:00
Sunday 12:00-20:30

On some days, we are closed between 17:00-18:00. If you'd like to visit us during that time, please call us in advance and make a reservation.

Contact us for exact opening hours at or 0046414-73680.

Lunchgäster på Brösarps Gästis

TODAY'S SPECIAL - Monday-Friday 12 P.M.-15 P.M.

139SEK including salad, bread, lingonberry drink/water, and coffee.
Call or email or reception to know what today's special is for the day when you want to visit us.
Quickest way is call us at 0046414-73680.


Of course, it's possible to order from our à la carte menu even during lunch. We also have a vegetarian alternative for our todays special each day. 

As we source from small suppliers and sometimes receive offers on short notice, there may be changes. 

SATURDAY LUNCH - Saturdays 12 P.M. - 15 P.M.

195SEK including salad and bread. 
On most saturdays we serve a saturday lunch. Call or email our reception to know what the saturday lunch is. 

We do not serve Saturday lunch on the 29th of january, 5th of february, 12th of february, 5th of march, 12th of march and 16th of april in 2023. 

SUNDAY DINNER - Sundays 12 P.M. - 16 P.M.

A Swedish "Söndagsmiddag" (Sunday dinner) is a traditional meal often enjoyed by families on Sundays.

The whole three-corse menu 465SEK
Starter 165SEK
Main corse 245SEK
Dessert 125SEK

Usually we serve a plate of Herring as our starter and if you only want to eat that the price is 225SEK

We do not serve our sunday dinner on the 6th and 13th of february, 6th and 13th of march, 16th of april
and 28th of october to the 18th of december 2023.


245SEK including bread

Is served at public/bank holidays wich in Sweden includes the 6th of Januari, 1th of May, 6th, 23th & 24th of June and the 26th of December 2023. 


For our English guests who want to know what we serve for the day we kindly ask you to give our reception a call. 
Our reception is fluent in English and will gladly help you with all the questions you might have. 

Quickest way is call us at 0046414-73680 but you can also send us an email at



We have a variety of evening menus to choose from. We offer two-, three-, and four-course menus almost year-round. Additionally, during the Skåne 'Goose Season,' we have a traditional Scania goose dinner, and during the Christmas season, we serve a Christmas buffet. Every New Year's, we also host a grand New Year's dinner!

Quickest way is call us at 0046414-73680 but you can also send us an email at

Kvällsmeny på Brösarps Gästis

The Wine Cellar

We love beverages!

Our beer list is extensive, featuring beers from local breweries as well as from other parts of the country and the world. But then we also have our treasure, our wine cellar with more wines than we can count. Here, we store, taste, and select wines for the evening's dinners and menus. We choose the house wine with care; it should represent us and harmonize with our food while appealing to a broad audience. Therefore, our House Wine is not the cheapest on the wine list; it's the wine we want to highlight, offering value for what you get. The selection of wine, beer, and beverages may vary, and we are always happy to introduce new favorites from time to time. We hope you can find your favorite with us!

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